Behavioral Kinesiology

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Behavioral Kinesiology

Behavioral Kinesiology facilitates a gentle, non-invasive way to release any kind of disease in one’s life. whether it is emanating from a mental, physical, or spiritual level. Stress, anger, resentment, rage, anxiety, unwanted feelings or patterns, and self-sabotage programs can be cleared through this unique and exciting treatment.




The graph above represents how one’s consciousness is organized. When an experience happens, it instigates a feeling. The feeling is filed in your memory. Then, every time you experience a similar situation, your memory draws up the same feeling and response. Then, the feeling creates a belief and the belief creates an unconscious program or habit. Unconscious programs create your attitudes and your attitudes create your behavior.

Human beings can be likened to computers and the above graph refers to the software. Behavioral Kinesiology can facilitate a positive and lasting change in this software. (It is not necessary to relive these situations and experiences during a session.)

  • One Session

  • Series of Three Sessions


A special introductory price of $49.00 for the first session is currently being offered.